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Our Services - We offer a range of services including, but not limited to the following:
  • Chairing, representation & execution of Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings and/or effecting discipline to transgressing employees;
  • Dispute resolution in terms of drafting pleadings & representation on behalf of Employers at the CCMA, various Bargaining Councils, Labour Court and other legal forums;
  • Policy & Procedure Development & Implementation;
  • Drafting employment contracts and facilitating termination of employment contracts occasioned by the employer’s operational requirements; employee’s misconduct and / or Incapacity.
  • Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and Labour related matters;
  • CCMA, Bargaining Council & Labour Court processes i.e. pleadings, representation & litigation;
  • Analyzing business compliance with current Labour Legislation i.e. the LRA, BCEA, SDA, SLA, EEA;

  • Representation in conflict resolution; dispute resolution; mediation; conciliation, arbitration and in unfair dismissals;
  • Implementing and monitoring consistent application of workplace policies and procedures;
  • We represent Public Servant in OSD and PMDS related disputes;
  • Evaluating Conditions of Employment;
  • Preparing legal documents dealing with pleadings, correspondence and opinions, at CCMA, various Bargaining Councils and Labour Court, including but not limited to drafting and opposing review, rescission, condonation and urgent applications;
  • Training in Employee Relations policies & procedures;
  • Civil litigation
  • Family law, including maintenance and child care related issues
  • Divorce
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